Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Start of Something New

     We all grow up with the understanding that the media we consume, the stories that are told to us, are just that. Stories. They are fantastical accounts of events that were crafted to gain our attention and hold it until the resolution we didn't even know we wanted comes to pass. We know that fairy tales are, indeed, just tales. Rapunzel didn't grow her hair so long that it allowed her valiant prince to climb up into her lonely tower and rescue her. Lowly David did not slew the giant Goliath with one stone. We know in our minds that the words are exaggerated, but our hearts believe the entire story to be true. This is where our hope is born. In stories. We keep reading these stories -- or, in the digital age, we watch these movies and TV dramas -- to periodically fill ourselves us with that hope again. To fool ourselves into believing our tasks will always be straightforward, our demons to fight will always be outside ourselves, and that true love can happen instantly and last forever, come whatever may.

     I like to think of myself as a little bit more grounded than that. While I do enjoy my fairy tales and what they can teach me, I don't truly believe my life will unfold like one. I do not have an evil stepmother, no objects I come into contact with will be enchanted, I do not have a Prince Charming I'm destined to meet. Those things, they're easy to discard. My life is far removed from cottages deep in the woods. Where this becomes trickier, is when the stories are more modern. It's a little harder to convince myself that events are fantastical and can't come true, when they happen to be so mundane that they certainly could. Where this becomes hardest is when the story doesn't even have a happy ending. So much of our everyday lives are just that: every day. There is no ending, happy or otherwise. Good things happen and bad things happen; stories are beginning and ending all the time and most of us will never know it because those days look just like any other.

     I don't let myself believe that my life is a story worth telling, because there isn't much about me to tell. I have had my joys, I have had my struggles, I have had much more mediocrity than I have ever had extraordinary. So why, now, am I even writing this? Because in examining other stories, the modern tales that could so easily fit into any of our lives, I have found some that resonate. I have found stories that depict experiences so much like my own that they're uncanny. I couldn't keep telling myself I was ordinary and unremarkable when apparently parts of my life were absolutely the makings a of a story worth telling.

     I find myself unable to leave this thought alone. Is my life a story worth telling? I have learned so much from what I'd seen and heard, couldn't my experience help someone else, too? Was it silly to think so much of myself or shameful to withhold it? To keep that little bit of hope that could maybe fill up someone else?

     What could it hurt to tell my tale?

Monday, July 15, 2013

(Tiny) Beauty Sale!

You'd think a desperate need for funds would trump a desire to have a bunch of makeup I've honestly been too stressed to use, but nope. I couldn't give it up so easily and it took a lot more stress (and guilt) to push me over that edge and truly let go.

I'm aware that saying I desperately need cash sounds a lot like hyperbole, but it's not. I quit my steady job of five years to go back to school (after eight years away) and while most days I feel like I did the right thing for myself, I haven't had a job since last August and that kind of stress is distracting me from doing as well as I could be at my studies. I've got credit debt from the first try at college and the years when my first few jobs didn't cover everything they needed to. I've also gotta keep myself afloat now; my family tries to help, but they've got themselves to take care of. Making the shift from full-time working adult barely getting by to broke college student drowning in debt was swift and I'm still not fully settled into it. I've done a lot to limit how I spend, but with no income there's only so much to be done. It's time to let go of all but the essentials!


**** SALE INFO ****

- All items come from a smoke-free environment and are sold as depicted/described; no returns.

- If items have been used, they've also been disinfected with cleansing alcohol, but I would recommend the buyer also clean/sanitize.

- Shipping is restricted to the U.S. and is $2.75 minimum, $0.75 each additional item.

- (If you're outside the U.S. but want something, email me and we can discuss because postage/customs is tricky.)

- First come, first served. Comment (with your email) to let me know what you want.

- Payment through PayPal only.

- I'll hold items for 48 hours once I've seen your interest/order, but if payment doesn't show then hold drops. If more than one person expresses interest in an item at the same time, I'll let potential buyers know and negotiate bids.

- Sorry, no swaps (the point of this is funds for me) but I'm willing to negotiate prices if you're ordering multiple items.

Too Faced shadows - $15.00 each

NYX 5-pan palettes - $7.00 each

Revlon 5-color palettes - $4.00 each

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation - $3.00

Ulta Lip Crayon in Bon Voyage - $3.00

CoverGirl lip stain - $3.00

e.l.f. Shadow Palettes - $3.00 each

L.A. Colors mineral eyeshadow singles - $0.75 each

Sally Girl baked shadow singles - $0.75 each

Essence limited edition eyeshadow singles - $3.00 each

Love & Beauty shadow pots - $0.75 each

Physician's Formula baked shadow trio - $4.00

Stila lip glazes - $5.00 each

Prestige My Blackest Lashes mascara & Revlon felt tip pen eyeliner (black) - $4.00 each

Clinique eyeshadow quad - $25.00

NYX Tango with Bronzing Powders - $7.50 each

Lancome Juicy Tubes & Philosophy Candy Cane lipgloss - $8.00 each

Revlon lipsticks (Twinkled Pink, Cocoa Craving, Sandstorm) - $4.00 each

Latina Bella bronzer & rose illuminator - $4.00 each

Full-length kohl eyeliners - Lancome (Black Coffee) $8.00, Beautique(Navy) / N.Y.C.(Sable) $0.75 each

Sonia Kashuk shadow quad (Fair & Square) - $9.00

Wet 'n Wild Comfort Zone palette - $5.00

Clinique shadow/blush compact - $18.00

Maybelline Volum' Express waterproof mascaras - $4.50 each


There's lots more, but this already took too long to post. Check back soon for another sale post, it'll probably be on the heels of this one!


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Re-entry into the Blogosphere!

I used to blog and then I didn't and now I think I'd like to try again. That said, I've honestly got a lot preoccupying my mind and I need to clear it out before I can really get back into the swing of writing.

Be on the look out for a beauty sale!